Hold Diamond Token

Hold Diamond Token is an eco-friendly crypto-currency developed in collaboration with some of the best minds of Blockchain Technology. Traded as "HDT", our objective is to provide a reliable cryptocurrency for both who are looking for investment and for doing transactions via Crypto. Our team is already in talks with various Corporations and Governments globally to get it approved as a tender for transactions. Gateways for crypto as a tender have already been opened up.


Hold Diamond Token' vision is to lower the barrier and enable established businesses with blockchain technology to create value and address economic problems on a global platform.

Community Driven

Hold Diamond Token is fully decentralized and owned by its community. It empowers its holders to participate for decision making with greater accountability for the future of Hold Diamond Token. We work to build opportunities, strengthen the voice of community to promote sustainable development.

No account has more than 3% of the total supply, including the Devs. This will prevent major fluctuations in token value, as holding restrictions wouldn't allow large amounts of selling.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

Hold Diamond Token community as it works in two ways.

Firstly, whenever there is a trade and a particular amount of transaction fees is charged, the fees will be deposited into the liquidity pool from both the sale and purchase ends, which will increase the liquidity pool and will stabilise the price fluctuations to its maximum.

Secondly, this transaction fees serves as an arbitrage resistant mechanism as it provides further security to the token volume, rewarding its community.

When you make a token swap (trade) on the exchange, you will pay a 5% trading fee, which is broken down as follows:

- 2% - to its yield farming pool

- 3% - to its liquidity pool

As the LP increases, the stability of the token increases, which in turn benefits its holders by providing a solid price floor. Without a LP function, the price fluctuations maybe large if big holders plan to sell their entire holding. To prevent and cushion such high fluctuations in price, is the goal of an automatic LP here.


100% liquidity will be locked for 3 years from initial launch.

Manual burns

For a coin burn to take place, the tokens are sent to an address where they can't be spent. As nobody has access to the private key associated with that particular address, those particular tokens are removed from circulation and the token supply is intentionally lowered. The coin burn address is made public to verify that the coins have indeed been burned.

25% of the Hold Diamond tokens will be burned in time, burning 0.5% of the tokens every month for the next 50 months. So the 10 Trillion supply initially, will diminish in the following years, and with a decrease in supply and increase in the demand of the token, the value would increase, thereby benefiting its holders.


New transactions are broadcast to all the nodes. The longest chains are always considered to be the correct ones by the nodes and they keep working on extending them. Block broadcasts are also tolerant of dropped messages. In case a block is not received by a node, it will realise it missed one when it receives the next block and then request the previous one as well